About Me

I’m a 40-something female who grew up in Dixieland, taught Texan pride, American pride, and God and Country. I am disheartened, and appalled, at how far left this country has gone in the past years. Carman, a great christian singer, said it all in one of his older songs, America Again.

He says:

In his farewell address, Washington said, “You can’t have national morality apart from Religious principal,” and it’s true. Cause right now we have nearly a hundred and fifty thousand kids carrying guns to these war zones we call public schools. In the 40s and 50s student problems were chewing gum and talking, in the 90s, rape and murder are the trend.

Abe Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation, will be the philosophy of government in the next.” So when you eliminate the Word of God from the classroom and politics, you eliminate the nation that Word protects. America is now number one in teen pregnancy and violent crime, number one in illiteracy, drug use, and divorce. Everyday a new holocaust of 5,000 unborn die, while pornography floods our streets like open sewers. America’s dead and dying hand is on the threshold of the Church, while the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah vex us all. When it gets to the point when people would rather come out of the closet than clean it, it’s the sign the Judgement of God is gonna fall.

“If you wanna see kids live right, stop handing out condoms, and start handing out the Word of God in schools!”.

In junior high school we learned the Preamble and the Bill of Rights, word for word and then we had to explain what it meant in an essay. When did we stop teaching the constitution in school? Most youngsters these days couldn’t even tell you which amendment mentions gun ownership, if it hadn’t been in the news so much recently.

I believe we’re witnessing an end to the America that made this nation great. I believe that without a serious, and quick, return to our-traditional ways, we will see this nation become weaker and weaker. Oblamer (that is the only name you will ever see me call our “president”) has systematically circumvented the Constitution at every opportunity, and other than Fox News type outlets, has completely gotten away with it.

I write “president” because I believe that he gave ANY right to the Leader of our Country the first time he intentionally subverted our Constitution. How many times has he bypassed Congress to get what he wanted done? How many times has his administration spied on, lied to, or otherwise betrayed the American people? How many laws has his administration not enforced, due to their own leanings? His ass should’ve been impeached the day he first swore allegiance to the Constitution.

In short, I’m a middle-aged woman who has seen her beloved country go down the rabbit hole and would like nothing more than to bring back the glory, and pride, of being an American. That used to mean something …



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